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lifestyle bariloche

Here are a colleciton of images from my time based in Bariloche. A bit of a lifestyle overview.

The beginning: off on another adventure. A little nervous perhaps?


Bariloche: a tourist town in the moutains.


The ubiquitous tourist bus. Apparently a great way to travel over the long distances.


Hostel 41, my home away from home.


Hostel 41 exterior.


Common area of the hostel.


The hostel 4-person dorm.


Paul and Emily, hostel owner and his gal.


Dan and Pat out for the typical Argentinian dinner. Steak and wine!


Beef tenderloin. Soooo good!


Quilmes: the beer down there.


Night life starts late. Inside a popular bar at 12:00 am.


Another popular bar at 4:00 am: much better!


They love their sweets. Good ice cream!


And, they love thier chocoloate!


Yup, more fake money. Always check you change.


Riding the bus up to Cerro Catedral.


Everywhere you go in Bariloche, you'll find the high school party groups.


Jorge at Frey. What a dude!


Cheese fondu at Frey hut.


Pat and Matt chasing volcanoes. Late night drives to trailheads. "Where the hell is that turnoff?"


Pat searching for good weather during the volcano tour.


A small town Chilean Hostal, en route to Lonquimay.


Dinner at the Hostal . hmmm...


In this small Chilean town horses play an important role.


In this small Chilean town horses play an important, but slightly different, role.


Pat and Matt at the end of the volcano tour. Adios amigo!


Leaving Bariloche. What a great trip!

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